Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg, 2020

Stage, Costume & Lighting Design: Mariam Haas & Lynn Scheidweiler
Direction: Anna-Elisabeth Frick
Composition: Max Thommes
Choreography: René Alejandro Huari Mateus
Videography: Joël Mangen
Dramaturgy: Anna-Sophia Güther
Cast: Matthias Breitenbach, Catherine Elsen, Nora Koenig,
Josiane Peiffer,Konstantin Rommelfangen,
Kara Schröder, Max Thommes, Brigitte Urhausen, Finn Bösenberg

Dea Loher's Das Letzte Feuer tells a story of brittle
existences: Caroline is left feeling less of a woman after
battling cancer. Susanne and Ludwig try to cope with the
loss of their only child. In an attempt to overcome the
crisis and defy their own destiny, the characters are caught up
by their past. It's hard for them to move on. Wounds are
licked, scabs are torn open and sometime a little something heals.

On stage the garage serves as an archive of memories, where
the characters retrace and reenact past events and shine a
light on their personal version of the story. Like broken
fragments, they try to put together what has been shattered.