Wellbeing - Mental Noise Theatre

Rotondes Luxembourg, 2021

Stage & Costume Design: Lynn Scheidweiler
Direction: Nathalie Moyen
Composition: Thomas Kuratli (Pyrit)
Associate Direction: Elric Vanpouille 
Lighting Design: Nico Tremblay, Yann Gelezuinas
Cast: Jil Devresse, Thomas Faber, Benoît Callens
Assistantance: Iman Moussamih
Pedagogical support: Mirka Costanzi, Amandine Moutier

High schools and youth organisations taking part in
the project: Lycée Aline Mayrisch, Lënster Lycée International
School, Lycée Vauban, École Nationale pour Adultes,
Lycée Belval, Lycée Josy Barthel Mamer, CRIJ Esch, Lycée Technique
de Bonnevoie, Young Caritas, CNFPC Ettelbruck

The documentary theatre play Wellbeing-Mental Noise
allows the audience to delve into the emotional world of
adolescents and confronts them with the current state of
mind of the younger generation.

On recommendation of the Luxembourgish Ministry of National
Education, Children and Youth
, this piece was developed with
160 teenagers from different schools. Together we reflected on
various topics and tried to make sense of the permanent mental
noise that surrounds us. We explored different ways to calm the
mind in the midst of a global pandemic and how to balance
school, friends, love, our mental health and the expectations
that we or others put on ourselves. Wellbeing is a snapshot of what
it means to be a teenager or young adult in todays day and age.