Nachtsichtfestival, 2018

We developed this installation for the night vision festival
in Stuttgart. The abandoned Eiermann site, former IBM office
area, has a canteen in its center.We decided to use the sterile
and clean kitchen as following:On all surfaces of the kitchen
counter, which was heavily used originally, there are slime pouches
made of rectangular bags measuring approx. 20cm x 15cm,
welded together from thick foil and filled with skin-colored
glittering goo. Neatly laid out and stacked.Speakers (hidden in
the extractor hood) emit sound. Young men and women read short
stories. They are collected works of friends and acquaintances.
The style and content seem to be different each time and yet
they are all similar. Processed in the short stories are situations
in which the writers feel sexually harassed. Not massive and
threatening, but subtle, subliminal and creeping up. The scenery
is accompanied by pleasant elevator music.The viewer becomes
part of the installation as soon as he/she enters the room,
he/she is attracted by the fascinating and equally disgusting slime
pouches. You can touch them, knead them, throw them on the
wall or even take them with you. Meanwhile, you and the other visitors
listen to the unusual audio book, with pleasant voices and less
pleasant stories.Our goal was to create a meditative place on the
festival grounds, but with a serious topic that affects us all.
With the immersive spatial experience, we achieve the connection of
several senses to increase the intensity of the whole.
The question was: "Can't we humans refrainfrom touching 
and possessing beautiful interesting things?