ADK-Ludwigsburg, 2016

Stage & Costume Design: Ariane Koziolek & Lynn Scheidweiler
Direction: Faraz Baghaei,
Dramaturgy: Anna Stegherr
Music: Maximilian Clouth
Cast: Ruzbeh Mirmoayadi, Baris Tangobay,
Sophia Hankings-Evans

Immigration, racism and the fear of the unknown are
the main topics discussed in the play Moor and More,
an adaptation of Shakespeare's play Othello and
Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller.

The play begins by opening the gate of the Theaterturm
Ludwigsburg, normally used for logistics, and letting
the audience overlook the academy square. It was
important for us to open up the black box and fill it
with daily life and the afternoon sun. Dismantling not
only traditional theatre but also the preconceived notions
of how this evening should unfold. Shifting from memorised
dialogues and monologues to an open, more inclusive
discussion about the society we live in. Moor and More
centers around recognising our own prejudices and
tearing down walls, without creating new ones. As simple
as this sound, the three protagonists cannot help but
find themselves in hypocrisy over the course of the evening.

'Progetto Accademia 2016-european young theatre'
award at Spoleto Festival dei 2mondi