ADK-Ludwigsburg, 2018

Stage & Costume Design: Lynn Scheidweiler & Pia Pospischil
Direction: Klemens Hegen
Dramaturgy: Maximilian Wahnelt

Thebes is stirred up by a divine power that upsets the existing order:
Dionysus and his intoxicating cult - the members are all women.
They have come to the grave of his mother and demand recognition
from the city.For the play about the celebrated ancient god and
his wild female followers, we dealt with the concept of ecstasy.
The result is a square room in the middle of the audience: a white
dance floor and walls that are made of white tulle on all four sides.
The fabric is placed in different densities so that the room appears
more or less transparent. The audience is thus invited to watch
each scene from different angles throughout the entire duration
of the piece. The three actresses tell the myth and slip into their
various roles with the help of costume fragments. These always
build on the basic costume: sports underwear (sports bra, spandex,
leggings) in skin tones of all kinds.