Group exhibition in Stuttgart, 2018

On the occasion of the Long Night of Museums 2018
we participated in a group exhibition. The place of the
exhibition was an old abandoned bunker with a long corridor
and many small cells.Our cell was located in the middle
of the corridor and was a vivid experience for the visitors.
Through a curtain of white paper strips one entered the
tiny room (approx. 1m x 2m area and 2,30m height).
The white paper curtain turns out to be parts of a wallpaper
which is attached to all four walls. On it you can see a
forest at dawn. The floor is covered with lots of polystyrene
packaging chips. In the middle of it there is a big black
wind machine. It is connected to the electricity but not
switched on. A female voice can be heard from an invisible
loudspeaker. It is Lady Gaga, who is asked by a reporter
about Marina Abramovic. In an overly enthusiastic tone of
voice, the singer raves incessantly about the artist. "Oh my
God she is limitless!"In a trashy but also sad way, our cell
represents a life-size snow globe. It originates from the
fictional question "What do people do who have to spend
their lives in such a cell?" Our answer: we would need a place
of longing. If you turn on the fan, you can escape the reality
of the bunker for a moment.So we were all the more pleased
that the visitors of the Long Night of Museums actually
reacted and pressed the "on-button". The packaging chips
flew around, people discussed in which position the wind
machine worked best and our snow globe became an
instagram sensation for one evening.