Exhibition, Installation

Berlin, 2022

"The way people disappear here, I don't like it at all."
Rosa, in Zehlendorf

The installation is an experiment to make a diverse crowd
of people experienceable in a visual and auditory landscape,
to gather them and to connect them in a new way.

With a note full of questions, the Dünne Jungs-Kollektiv set
out from Marzahn to Zehlendorf across Berlin to elicit
answers from a wide variety of people. We wanted to find
out what the inhabitants tell us about their preferences,
their habits and their being-in-the-world. What occupies
our fellow human beings and how do they experience this time?

The answers from various realities and life plans were
translated and transformed into an installative work in the
exhibition space. The interviewees become co-authors of the
work. They can be heard as a sound collage in the exhibition.

"(...) the habitus is a system of boundaries (...) we all have our
boundaries. However, there is the possibility of becoming aware of them."
Pierre Bourdieu